With us, you have the home advantage.

As an external on-boarding agency, we support newcomers in Görlitz

Welcome on Board

It’s nice to have you here! Our Well-Come team supports people who are new to Görlitz and the surrounding area. Whether it’s finding a job, a flat, a daycare place or joining a boules group: we know our way around Görlitz and are well connected. We make the most of our home advantage to ensure you have the perfect conditions for arriving well here. Our services can also be booked by employers who want to give their new employees from outside the country the best possible start.

First, we’ll get to know each other through a consultation, either in a face-to-face meeting or video conference. We answer your questions about Görlitz and the surrounding area and arrange concrete support. You choose from our modules to find the right fit for you and your family.

How about a guided tour especially for newcomers? Our tour through Görlitz is individually tailored to your interests and is perfect for exploring with the family. The tour is also an attractive option for companies who want to convince their candidates of the city’s advantages.

Finding the right job for yourself or your partner is essential before moving to a new area. With us, you receive total support. Our Well-Come team belongs to Lausitz Matrix e.V., an association that has been cooperating with regional companies since 2004. Through the job exchange www.jobs-oberlausitz.de

and trade fairs such as the Upper Lusatian Career Days, Lausitz Matrix is in contact with recruiters from over 1,000 companies. We also have many years of experience as a professional recruitment agency.

Anyone new to a city needs a good place to live. We provide you with support in Görlitz through our knowledge and contacts. As with all our services, we customize our support based on your needs and wishes. Do you want two children’s rooms, a quiet location with bus and train connections and a good internet connection? Not more than 900 Euros including utilities? We can help you find it.

To be happy as a family in a new environment, you need good childcare and the right school. Our Well-Come agents are familiar with all of the facilities in Görlitz, and Well-Come can provide support through our knowledge and contacts to help you find a place at your desired institution.

Moving to another region also brings challenges. Undoubtedly, the question of medical care is a key issue. Like everywhere in rural areas, there can be difficulties finding a family doctor or a specialist in and around Görlitz. Because we know this issue can be challenging for newcomers, Well-Come provides you with support in establishing contacts with medical practices in the city and the immediate surrounding area.

When moving to a new place, you want to make new contacts quickly. Our Well-Come agents are here to fulfill even your most specific wishes. Your daughter is looking for a football club? We can set establish contacts and set up a trial training together. Your son wants to continue playing the guitar? We open the doors to local music schools and private teachers. You want to meet new people who share your interests? We provide support with our contacts to clubs, networks and communities of like-minded people.

In the new place, you want to make contacts quickly. Our Well-Come agents will try to fulfil your wishes. The daughter is looking for a football club? We make the contact and organise a trial training together. The son wants to continue playing the guitar? We open the doors to music schools and private teachers. The parents want to meet new people who share their interests? We support with our contacts to associations and networks but also loose communities.

Why should you contact us?

With us you have the home advantage.

  • Our large regional network is at your disposal.

  • We know our way around here and are your personal Görlitz insiders.

  • Advising and problem-solving are our passions
  • You save yourself time and disappointment.

  • We provide you with a personal Well-Come agent.


One service – one contact

  • You or your new employer contact us.

  • After a counselling interview, we decide together what concrete support is needed and what the services will cost
  • Services range from a city tour for newcomers to organising childcare, finding a flat, a job, and even a family doctor.
  • Our clients only pay the full price for our services if they are successful.
  • Whether before a planned move or after you’ve arrived– we are flexible and happy to help.

Our services for you

We have various offers for you. Our services range from counselling interviews to flat hunting. The service can be booked by private individuals and employers.


We will discuss the services you need to determine the right form of cooperation for you

City Tour

Our offer for all those who are new to the city: a city tour individually tailored to your interests.

House Hunting

Anyone new to a city needs a good place to live. We support you in Görlitz with our insider knowledge and contacts.

Job Search

Whether for yourself or your partner, we will help you find the right job

School and Daycare

To be happy as a family in a new environment, you need good childcare and the right school. We can help with that

Medical Care

Finding medical care in a new region can be challenging. We can provide you with support.

Hobbies and Clubs

We’ll help you to quickly make connections. Whether in a club or social gathering – together we will find the right fit.